Foxxy is on the hunt for ass in the hot Vegas desert sun. She cruises past a construction site hoping to find a strapping tough guy to seduce. Instead she finds the apprentice, a young hot piece of meat who nervously agrees to let her cool off inside the construction RV. Foxxy quickly goes to work on her new toy, shoving her own cock in his mouth and fucking him hard in the ass.

Office Manager

Since being promoted to office manager a lot of the girls had started to flirt with me and offer me gifts, hoping to get a bonus or extra holiday no doubt! But the latest attempt to get my attention definitely worked! I turned up to the office in the morning to find a picture face down on my desk, at first look it was obviously pornographic, so I snuck away to the toilets to take a more private gander.. What I first thought was a naked girl’s body turned out to be a photo of a naked shemale. The head was cropped off, so I wasn’t sure who it was, but with a massive erect monster cock n full display, surely it couldn’t be hidden for long. Back at my desk, looking around the room for my tranny admirer, all of the girls were smiling at me, but one particularly cute young lady gave me a wink that said all I needed to know.. As the day wrapped up I hung around, waiting for the office to clear, as did the smoking hot brunette. To say my interest was ‘pricked’ by this luscious looking ladyboy was the understatement of the year, as soon as we were alone my hands were all over her, finally forcing her to her knees as I withdrew my cock for her to suck. We were soon both out of our clothes, naked, as I fucked her tight ass as hard as I could, bending her over my desk, ramming her like a pinball machine. We fucked in so many positions it was unreal, and finally I could hold back no longer, and I covered her in my spunk.

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Masquerade party

Foxxy lures Martin into a private play room at a Masquerade party. The two have been coyly flirting all night and Foxxy is eager to reveal herself to Martin who has no idea what else could be hidden at this party. Foxxy gives Martin a blow job to the sounds of other guests getting it on in the other room. This gets the two of them so hot they head back to Foxxy’s place for more kinky play. She ties him up, gets his cock savagely hard and then whips out her dick for him to suck. After some fighting, Martin relents and sucks Foxxy off. He is so turned on, he cums twice while Foxxy fucks his ass. She finishes by cumming on his balls.

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When you get two dirty tgirl sluts like these two together the action goes way beyond the limits that most guys can handle. It’s totally depraved action out where these two sluts are and they’re not gonna stop just because you can’t handle it. So come in and see the wild action as two tgirls push the limits in search of total pleasure.

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Shemale with huge cock Keylla Marques

Today we have a new big cock shemale beauty on display for you to enjoy. Meet Keylla Marques and don’t miss her big cock and phat round ass. Watch as Keylla slowly strips and shows off her feminine side before grabbing ahold of her big package and rubbing one out.


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Audit Her Cock: Seducing the IRS

Kendra is asked to sit with the State auditor for a quarterly tax review and she can not help but fuck with the seemingly update bureaucrat. The scene being filmed next door is no coincidence and Amber has to listen to people fucking while looking right into Kendra’s seducing eyes. It’s takes little time for Kendra to get the auditor worked up and spilling her deepest fantasies.
Kendra pulls Amber up on to the table and starts eating her pussy before Amber even has a second to realize what is happening. Her conservative skirt comes off and Kendra is in control.

When it comes time for Kendra’s panties to come down, Amber gets a nice surprise as Kendra’s hard cock nearly hits her in the face. Now the day is going to be entirely different – Amber gives over her pussy and ass to Kendra who fucks her balls deep and ram rod hard until they both cum.


The Interrogation

My comrade sent me to interrogate the enemy they had captured that morning, I was known as an expert in torture and information retrieval, I have a doctorate in psychology and espionage, but I was taken aback when I saw that soldier they had captured was a sexy blonde, witha body like no woman I had seen before. She seemed distressed and upset, which was a good thing, she was going to be so easy to crack, but as soon as I had her out of her chains and cage her uniform fell open, revealing some huge juicy tits and a monster dick bulge in her panties. Suddenly I was the one freaked out and confused! I’d never had feelings for a guy before, but this enemy shemale warrior had me hypnotised, I didn’t know whether to grill her or drill her, and before i knew it all my years of training had left me and we were making out, ripping off each others clothes in uncontrollable bouts of passion. I knew the guards outside would think everything was going to plan as they could hear our screaming as we began sucking each other and plough every hole on our bodies with huge happy cock. I may not have retrieved any secret plans or inside enemy info, but now I understood how are foe kept the moral of their troops so high! I was left covered in tranny cum, and hungry for more..

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Naughty Nurse


Nurse Jordan Jay is on duty and the doctor is next on my list to seduce, which lets face it isn’t hard as I turn up in his treatment room and open my uniform to reveal my sexy lingerie, stockings and show the surprise I know you have been dying to see, so why not take advantage? Go on doctor I won’t tell…

Tranny Dominatrix

Starring: Bianca SM
Story: Bianca SM is the best dominatrix for hire around. She knows how to handle her whip… and her cock, because she has one. This sexy tranny domme turns Dariko into her ‘man bitch’ in no time, and the poor man submissively sucks the superior cock, and he groans happily when it slides into his asshole.

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There’s no doubt that these two babes are hot and they sure do pack two big cocks. When you first see them you know that the fucking is going to go off the dial when they get together. So grab your cocks and jump into some nasty big cock tranny depravity.

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