Lost in Translation

Josh was enjoying his trip to Japan,he had travelled around the county to soak up all the culture and history he could, and now he was finally in Tokyo, the big city, blown away by all the neon lights and pretty girls. Out on the town Josh had met this uber hot Japanese woman; She was tall, slim and as sexy and fuckable as you could imagine, the kind of girl who gives you wet dreams. The problem was she didn’t speak a word of English and Josh knew no Japanese. Despite the obvious language barrier Josh wasn’t prepared to let this stunning woman get away and he just nodded and smiled as she spoke to him without josh understanding a single word. Before long the Japanese woman was following him back to his hotel room. Once in the room Josh realised that not only was he going to get laid but they were going to have some real kinky fun, as the woman started undressing him and tying him to the bed! Once he was firmly strapped to the bed and unable to wriggle free the woman began to undress. Josh already had a huge hardon, but the feeling of being tied and helpless whilst watching this babe remove her garments had his cock about to explode – even when he saw her huge tranny cock he didn’t lose it! Once realising the SHE was actually a HE Josh began to try to escape but his cries for help were soon muffled by the huge meaty tranny salami which was slid into his mouth. After being aggressively force face fucked Josh was beaten into submission, but moreover, he was enjoying being slave to a horny oriental ladyboy. Josh was fucked for hours, deep into the night and even deeper into his ass. Not only did he enjoy every ass pummelling minute of it, but he longed for it to never end as he finally emptied his balls on her cute Asian face.

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Exotic shemale beauty Avilla Scherzinger

A special treat for you to with the exotic shemale beauty Avilla Scherzinger. This luscious tgirl beauty is from Brazil, just look at that dark skin, her lovely face and that phat round ass. This beauty doesn’t just pose in this scene, watch her getting herself off and squirt everywhere!

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The Leak Pt1

I’ve had this tranny girlfriend for several months now and until recently I’d kept my ass virginity intact.. I’m not gay, far from it, but this shemale I met online is hotter than any girl I’ve seen in person and so we’ve become good friends and regular fuck buddies, but more than anything else she gives the best blow jobs you could imagine! I love laying on the bed with my hands behind my head as she does her stuff, deepthroating my cock until it explodes. After a recent nice long suck session, I could hear strange noises coming from the kitchen, but I didn’t want to stop receiving head until I emptied my balls in her mouth. As soon as I shot my load I ran to the kitchen, leaving her face covered in my spunk, and saw that the sink was leaking. There I was, bent under the sink trying to close the pipes and stop the leak, with my bare ass stuck up in the air, when suddenly I felt the full force of her large shemale cock thrust up my hole!! The strange thing was although it hurt at first, within a few moments of her pounding away at my butt I was starting to enjoy it, and rather than throw her off I was yelling at her to fuck me harder and deeper! I was soon out from under the sink, holding my cheeks apart, enjoying the full force of her dick as she fucked me all over the kitchen as the water continued to spray out on the floor..

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TS Priscila Gold gets fucked hard

Big cock shemale babe Priscila Gold is horny and ready to be fucked in this hot new episode. Watch as this sexy tranny hottie gets her mouth stuffed with cock and her tight ass fucked raw with no condom. She takes it like a pro, begging to be cum covered!


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You’re eyes will not be the only thing to pop out of your head when you watch this smoking hot POV shoot with brand new soon-to-be industry star, Jessy Dubai.
She tops you will she strokes her cock and cums all over the lens – or as you can imagine it – your face.
Try to hold your load and cum when she does if you can. You will need the will power of a thousand men though, because watching Jessy take her clothes off and reveal her curvy, luscious body is like resisting touching god’s hand. Yeah, yeah check it.

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Shemale Raysa Closer in wild action

The stunning shemale babe Raysa Closer is in wild action today, we figured since it was her first time being featured we would break her in right. We got Yago to come in and give her a proper ass fucking bareback style. Watch as he pounds this tgirl’s tight ass with no condom!


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The Chauffer Pt1

Being a female Chauffer for the ruch and famous can be a bit of a challenge. They are always bossing me about, complaining about my driving, poor time keeping and bad attitude, but I can always get the guys to forgive me when I flash a bit of flesh, oh yeah, I’m hot! The only trouble is their wives aren’t always as easy to win over.. I had hit the curb in my bosses new limo and was trying to change the wheel before I got into more shit, but his wife came out and caught me in the act. Straight away she started shouting her mouth off at me for damaging the car, but she was in this real skimpy nightie and I couldn’t take my eyes off her crotch and huge firm looking tits. I guess she noticed this and got madder, and that’s when things got physical! She threw me onto the car and grabbed my chest, but before I knew it we had locked lips and were tongue fucking each other’s mouth. That’s when she reached down a felt my hard-on. I guess she already knew I was a tranny, or at least she wasn’t shocked, as she went straight down on me, giving me the best mind blowing head I’d ever recieved. She then bent me over the car and I felt something prodding hard between my parted cheeks. Wow, she had a flesh pole of her own, I never took Mrs Paul as a fellow shemale! She took out all her anger on my bum pussy, banging my tight behind until she shot a monster load, and allowed me to empty my balls into her hungry mouth.

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In a steam all sex finale to the MILF double team feature that aired last week, Keli Lox dominates Simone Sonay’s daughter-in-law, Jay Taylor.

On a family vacation to San Francisco, Simone and her daughter-in-law, Jay get in to happy hour trouble at a dive bar. When the nice manager lady, Foxxy, takes Simone to the back office, she thinks it’s to apologize and make up for the nasty bartender who poured to quote Simone “the worst spritzer EVER!”. But Foxxy and Jessica have different plans – what else would you expect from girls named Foxxy and Jessica Fox, Simone?!
Foxxy and Jessica tear off Simone’s clothes who is helpless to resist because of the hand cuffs chaining her to the wall and if she was being more honest, helpless because she wants to be…The girls shove their cocks in Simone’s mouth, pussy and ass until they cum two nice loads that get swamped in all their mouths. How do you end an epic three-way? With an epic fucking of the daughter-in-law! And now the finale…


Three shemales running a train

A hardcore shemale orgy that is sure to make your dick throb! When you put 3 smoking hot and horny shemales together with 1 guy, that’s sure to make you envious that the guy isn’t you. This action packed update is intense, big hard cocks and messy cum loads flying all over!

Sweet Dreams

Natassia Dreams is ninja hot – sleek long legs, curved, tight bootie, flat stomach and killer tits that are perfect for smothering. She is the ultimate TS ass kicking, orgasm overload hotness.
Jason has the privilege of being Mistress Natassia’s prey in this BDSM themed shoot where any pleasure or pain Natassia desires, she gets straight out of Jason’s cock, mouth and ass.
Natassia trains in krav maga and it shows in her sexy moves and in her cardio endurance as she fucks Jason and milks his cock. Her perfect fighter body is matched by her feminine charm and sexual prowess as she cums all over Jason and works him into a piece of meat.