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Battle of the Tranny Planets

An intergalactic war between the red and the green planet had been raging on for space ages, far beyond our recorded history. The green Analictors and the red Helmetites were both predominantly shemale nations, in fact the two most beautiful species in the tri galaxy, with firm athletic bodies, long perfectly sculptured legs, huge milky tits, and monster low swinging cocks. During times of intense bloody battle, stray warriors would be captured and tortured – milked of their seamen, which each tribe would use as valuable fuel for the depleting energy resources. The Helmetites had discovered the green Analictors, when hog tied and tickled around their pulsating anuses, would shoot gallons of valuable juicy jism. Whilst the Analictors had discovered, when strapping down a young Helemtite and stroking along the sheath of their long dangling dick, would send them into an orgasm, shooting a bucket of precious creamy cum.. But everything changed during one particularly fierce battle. Two rival warriors found themselves face to face, and both out of ammo. The two naked shemales locked arms and began to wrestle for their lives. Whilst writhing and sliding against one and other, the stiff sticky cock of the Helmetite slipped deep into the tight sphincter of the bubble butted Analictor. Almost in an instant, the two ladyboys stopped fighting and began banging, stimulating each other until they both gladly shot their spunk. From this moment on a new peace was found and a program began where the two tranny tribes would join on their old battlefields for the most intense and passionate giant orgies, where they happily exchange vats of wholesome shemale spunk.

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Jason and Toya are having their first weekend away together in a quaint little cabin in the woods. But something isn’t quite right with this place. It’s subtle at first and only Toya notices it, but in the darkest hour of the night while sleep keeps Jason pinned to the pillow, Toya transforms with the spirits in the cabin. She is possessed by two spirits that give her a cock and the dominate nature to finally unleash on her controlling boyfriend.

She makes him crawl into the sex dungeon that is revealed from behind the bookcase, and she ties Jason up and fucks him hard in the ass. She makes him suck her cock and take her load all over his fucked and sweaty body.

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This is some hot hardcore ts bareback action and that is putting it mildly! This tranny bombshell is wild as a buck when it comes to getting a big dick. Watch her get bent over, legs spread wide open and pounded hard from behind until she is blasted by a big creamy load.


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Incredible shemale beauty Pamella Halquina

Today we introduce the incredible fiery redhead shemale beauty Pamella Halquina in sizzing solo action. This is Pamella’s first time with us! Watch as this naughty tranny shows off her body in a slow striptease before whipping out her thick cock and stroking it until it explodes.


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Casual Encounter


The man opens the red, creaky oak door slowly to an large, open living room. On the red sofa was an extremely sexy woman sitting in a red dress with her legs crossed, her black stockings easily visible. The candles on the small coffee table in front of the sofa flickered in warm temptation. The man walks over to her, assuming his role and sits next to her on the couch. Hi runs his hand up her thigh and she arches her back and closes her eyes as his fingertips drag up her inner thigh. His fingertips drift under her dress and find a surprise. Her raging hard 11″ cock springs out of her dress and panties and the man is shocked, then looks back up to the woman with wide open eyes. She looks back to him with an apologetic smile. Her beauty is so tempting that all his worries fall away and he decides to try being a bottom, not like he had much choice in the matter. He goes on his hands and knees and pulls down his pants, exposing his ass. She is more than ready and without hesitation, rams into him bare, raw, and dry. The man screams and tears flow out of, but he has a huge smile on his face. She thrusts into him in doggie, and missionary style. When the man is on his back, she strokes his cock and makes him cum as she fucks him, then she cums inside him. She pulls out and the cum spills out. They fall asleep together under the sheets.

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Sunshyne and Parker fuck like crazed wolves in their small cop shop office. Their sexual tension has boiled over as they rip each others clothes off and fuck on the desk and against the one way interrogation mirror.
Sunshyne ravages Parker as she flips him over on the desk, fucking his ass and stroking him off. He shoots his own face with an explosive cum shot while Sunshyne fucks him.

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More medical role play this week with the sexy, up and coming TS Dom, Kendra Sinclaire who convinces the rookie nurse to let her play doctor. The girls use the medical toys to get in a kinky mood for fucking. The lip spreading tool holds Becky’s pussy open for Kendra’s gloved hand to slip inside. She rubs her g-spot until Becky cums and is ready for her cock. Out from under the panties, comes Kendra’s hard penis and she uses it to probe all the way into Becky’s pussy. The sex is hot, Kendra’s cum shot is nice and thick and both girls have a sexy time exploring each other’s bodies.


Futurecops with Cocks


It’s the distant future and the world has devolved into a tightly controlled police state. The two gorgeous redheads in the tight uniforms are part of the police force and they carry powerful guns to ensure that all citizens respond to their commands. They don’t mess around when it comes to keeping the peace. They’ve boarded the train looking for suspicious behavior and when they find this young blonde man they immediately suspect he has bad intentions. They question him and he won’t answer. He refuses to give them any information so they’re going to whip out their special weapons. Each sexy redhead has a big shemale cock between her legs and they’re not afraid to bring them out when it’s necessary to get a perp talking. They will fuck his face and fuck his ass until he’s screaming for mercy or until they cum, whichever comes first. In this case they bone him spit roast style with one dick nailing his ass and one sawing into his mouth while he sucks hard. They both cum on his face and it’s so pleasurable that they pass out. That’s when he gets away.

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Mona and Tiffany sneak off from a boring fundraising party to a private room where they can turn their flirting into fucking!
Tiffany pulls out her hard, curved cock and buries it balls deep in Mona’s pussy.
They fuck every which way they can all over the room just out of hear shot of the party they are supposed to be attending. When Tiffany cums, she dumps a hot load all over Mona’s tits!
Great chemistry between these two ladies and a ton of hardcore, hot sex.


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