Afternoon Elegance

This is my favorite dress by far! Long black maxi dress with a big thigh split… HOT!! I love it and after a busy morning I decide to lounge around the house and caress my nice, smooth cock… if only I had somewhere to put it…

Metamorphosis part 2

Can it be true? Christine without a cock and huge tits? In the first part of the story, Amanda fucked the “new” Christine. Let’s see if Tommy likes the new Christine!

Jesse has searched the desolate underbelly of the black market for years in hopes of someday finding the vendor who deals in body fantasies. In the year 2113 if you want to you have sex, you have to pay the government for the pleasure – a tax most people can not afford. This kind of body and mind control has everyone in the union demoralized and weak. Most people are numb to the world around them and sex is so far from their thoughts, it doesn’t even seem worth it to masturbate. It’s that bad.

Paying for a body fantasy has been relegated to the underworld.

The Market – where everything can be had whether you survive your fantasy or not – is a cut throat, ruthless place, full of deviants who will kill you for looking.
Jesse must risk it all for his ultimate body fantasy – A 2013 Latina Transsexual Dom who loves her feet sucked and will pound his ass and cum all over him. It will happen for one night and he may never live to savour the tale.

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Lohara Lomark is in solo action

The sassy and ultra hung shemale hottie Lohara Lomark is in solo action today and believe me when I say it’s hot! Watch as this big cock horny Brazilian tranny shows off her firm body and big cock before putting on a show for you. She rubs and tugs her cock until it fires off a load.


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Hitting It Big: Transsexual Casting Couch

Coral is a conniving upstart. She is greedy, manipulative and gets what she wants through blackmail, coercion and lies. She is the top of her game – or so she thinks. Meet Joanna – an independent film producer with morals just as loose as her skirt. You can’t kid a kidder and you can’t out fuck a casting couch master. Joanna bets Coral at her blackmail game with a hogtie and her panties shoved in her protesting mouth. Joanna fucks her into submission with her ever-hard thick cock and cums a big load in Coral’s mouth – hush cum if you will…

April Fools!


The young blonde guy is going to have a little fun. He gets two cans of sodas from the vending machine and shakes the hell out of them. He wants to make sure the carbonation is going crazy in the aluminum casing because he wants to make a mess. There are two cute girls sitting just a few yards away and his prank goes perfectly. He opens the cans at the same time and has them aimed right so they both get soaked in the fizzy drink. He has a good laugh and starts running but he doesn’t realize who he just pranked. Those girls are shemales and with that comes impressive strength and a vengeance streak that only someone born with a cock can have. The girls chase him down and tear his clothing off while removing their own and revealing their big dicks. They throw him to the ground and each babe takes one end. They fuck his mouth and fuck his ass with their huge, impressive cocks and he has no idea what has hit him. He’s being fucked like a bitch and his head is spinning from the deep penetration. Soon he’ll be drenched in cum.

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Newbie shemale Viviane Merillo fucks good


Viviane Merillo makes her first appearance on our site in this new update and it’s hot. Watch as she works over a straight guys ass bareback with her big dick. She starts off by ramming her dick down his throat and then deep up in his ass until she fills him full of hot jizz.

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No I.D.? No Problem – you can pay with your ass

Patrick tries to convince a bank teller to cash his cheque even though he has no idea and no account. His relentless flirting and male bravado makes the teller furious. It’s Patrick’s lucky and unlucky day.

Jaquelin convince Patrick to follow her in to the back where the manager sits, only she leads him into a storage room and throws him down on the couch instead, pressing the high heel of her sexy shoe right into his crotch. Patrick can’t believe it when she whips out her cock – he has no choice but to put it in his mouth. She is so fierce and sexy that his own cock is pressing against his jeans even though he is scared of the her wrath. She taunts him, fucks him, gags him with her cock and even rides his dick while telling him how worthless he is the entire time.
She makes him cum all over his shirt and then flips him over for more fucking. She unloads on his ass and gives him 5 bucks for his troubles.

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You’re Under Arrest


My shemale girlfriend always has new surprises for me whenever it’s time to get naughty at home. Today when I came through the door, she was waiting with a sexy policewoman’s uniform on, complete with thigh high stockings and a big night stick. “What are you planning on doing with that stick, officer?” I coyly asked her as she whipped out my cock from my pants and started beating it off. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft before she bent me over and teased me with the stick. It felt so good going in, but what I really wanted was her meat stick in there. So she finally stopped teasing me and bent me over to slide every inch of her monster tranny cock inside of my butt. I clenched on tightly and jerked off while she pounded me, as I watched her long blonde hair sway and her boobs bounce when she thrusted inside of me. She’s so beautiful! To thank her for the fun time, I got on my knees and sucked her cock until she exploded all over the both of us. I wonder what she’ll dress up as next!

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Shemale Sarah Barros got it in her ass

Blonde tgirl bombshell Sarah Barros is featured today in this hot hardcore bareback scene. Watch as this bronze skin blonde shemale beauty shows off her body, sucks cock and gets her round phat ass barebacked deep and hard. She get’s finished off with a cum shower!


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