Sweet And Salty


When Janice asked me to bring over some whipped cream I thought she was planning my favourite ice cream sundeas for dessert, but little did I know my double D breasts and chunky 8 inch dick were on the menu.. Janice and I had been lesbian shemale lovers for what seemed like forever, but despite both being built like tranny sex goddesses, with bodies that were just built to fuck, life in the bedroom had always been a bit dull, our sex would be best described as tame. Most evenings went the romantic route, the soft lit room and love music, we only really ever made love, but that was all going to change tonight. The second Janice sprayed that cold squirty cream over my bare boobs a shiver of pleasure ran down my spine and my nipples tightened. When she started liking it off, gradually working down towards my huge hard-on, a warm horny feeling filled me, I knew right then we were finally going to fuck! And man did we go at it like animals! Sucking cream from a warm throbbing tranny dick is betting than any sundae I’ve tried, and that great thing is, the messy cream also acted perfectly as a lube, I was soon sliding up and down Janice’s meaty shaft. And nothing beats the sweet and salty taste of warm ladyboy spunk, mixed with cold sweet cream, served on the writhing body of a freaky trans lover.

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Jesse and Diezel – The second date

Jesse and Diezel met on the road during the Ts Road trip. Jesse wanted Diezel all to herself so the two scheduled a date in a Vegas Hotel room.
Diezel careful sets out all the toys – the crop, the flogger, the rope…he does every Jesse asks him including wearing a butt plug while he waits for her to arrive. Once in the hotel room, Jesse grabs hold of Diezel and barely lets him up for air. She fucks his ass hard for most of the night and even after Diezel cums, Jesse still wants more. She has him ride her cock in cowgirl. Diezel takes all the ass fucking and sucking Jesse desires until she can barely contain herself and she dumps cum on his face and mouth.

Zorro VS. Shemale

Zorro was yet to be outdone by any swordsman and he was not willing to change that record especially not against a dame like this one. The busty broad certainly had a way with the sword but it wasn’t long before Zorro had the upper hand and the swash-buckling hero had soon ripped her blade from her palm and began playfully slashing his trade mark Z through dress until she stood topless with her huge swollen melons out on display. Zorro didn’t stop there and he couldn’t help himself as he further tore away at her dress finally leaving her naked. But just when he thought he had left her helpless and without a weapon he noticed a much larger pork sword hanging low between her legs. The huge cock was bigger and heftier than any sword he could have wielded and within seconds she had swung her meaty dick into action and taken Zorro’s sword from him. Zorro was then beaten by the huge cock, slapped across the room by the vieny thick weapon and then dragged up close so that she could force her shemale sausage into his mouth, throat fucking him like there was no tomorrow. Zorro could barely fit the slab of trans salami into his mouth, but if he thought that was a tight fit it was nothing compared to the squeeze and force it took to ram it fully into his virgin ass. After being pounded and impaled on the monster meat Zorro was finally released from his anal pain only to be force fed a huge explosion of cum which covered his face completely.

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Stunning shemale babe Steffanny Mirelly

Welcome the stunning shemale babe Steffanny Mirelly to the site, we had a blast working with this tgirl babe. She’s a natural in front of the camera, just watch as she slowly teases in that sexy black outfit. Slowly stripping and playing with that amazing shaved cock of hers.


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Skater skirt


That’s the good thing about the English weather… it’s so unpredictable but makes it A LOT of fun when I am wearing a skater skirt in a derelict house, with no doors or windows and the wind just blows up my skirt to reveal a tiny thong, I know you LOVE those under skirt shots… go ahead and treat yourself!

Resident Shemale

The ever fearless Chris Redfield shot his way through a swarm of flesh eating zombies, blasting off limbs, punching holes in horrid faces and exploding brains to reach and save a helpless, hot and sexy Ada Wong. As Ada stood in Chris’s arms, relieved and eternally thankful, still surrounded by shotgun smoke and mutilated zombie corpses, still twitching and oozing scum, Ada was feeling somewhat turned on and decided she wanted to thank Chris right there and then. She pulled out her huge tits and dropped down to her knees, undid his pants and sucked his dick with hooker like expertise.. The was clearly the best blow job Chris had ever felt and despite being a master of his other weaponry it wasn’t long before he prematurely creamed all over her awesome breasts. Ada then took off her dress and Chris notice what can only be described as a monster meaty cock hammocked in her tiny thong. Ada turned and said “let me thank you properly” after which she parted Chris’s ass cheeks and slide her hung tool deep inside. Ada went to town fucking his ass, hammering away so hard and mindlessly for a moment Chris suspected she was a zombie too.. Chris fought the feel at first but it wasn’t long before he started to feel abuzz, and began begging her to fuck him harder. Ada finally got Chris to suck her off until she came all over her hero.

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Sexy Jade and Jade – so you wanna watch?

It’s a steamy night in a local club where Sexy Jade and her girlfriend Jade are out grinding the night away. A suave hot guy takes the bait and the dancing becomes a threesome full of surprises. Pancho is tied down while the ladies get it on and tease him into a rock hard boner. Sexy Jade has Jade suck her cock and his in the smoking hot blow job scene. Both women fuck his face and ass until he cums and Sexy Jade rides Jade while Pancho gets not exactly what he asked for when he begged to watch.

Submissive Tgirl fucked raw

Tranny submissive Jeniffer Yasmin is handcuffed to the wall today for some fetish bareback action. Watch as this guy does as he wishes to Jeniffer. He starts off with a little light spanking, then stuffs her face and ass full of his rock hard cock bareback.


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The City of Lurve

If Paris is the city of love then Venice is definitely the city of Lurve, never have me and my tranny lover felt more hot and horny in love than on our holiday in the floating city. We had been flirting and touching each other all day as we walked around and saw the sights, taking pictures and cuddling, but really we just wanted to strip off our clothes and fuck. On a gondola ride through the rivers we were struggling to fight off our passionate sexual urges and as we floated under a dark bridge we suddenly began to make out, tearing away our clothes as we did so. Before the young Italian guy steering our gondola could work out what was going on we both had our pants down and were jerking each other off. Instead of freaking out the young Italian stud simply took his own cock out and began to stroke it, rock hard at the sight of two young shemales fucking in front of him. We kissed, sucked, fingered and fucked each other, putting on a X-rated show as the Italian guy just jerked off and started taking photos off us in hot action. Finally our balls were throbbing and ready to explode and as we got into position to swap cum the Italian beat us too it, and shot his wad of sticky jism in our direction, and seconds later we did the same, covering each other in our lurve juices.

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