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Josh was enjoying his trip to Japan,he had travelled around the county to soak up all the culture and history he could, and now he was finally in Tokyo, the big city, blown away by all the neon lights and pretty girls. Out on the town Josh had met this uber hot Japanese woman; She was tall, slim and as sexy and fuckable as you could imagine, the kind of girl who gives you wet dreams. The problem was she didn’t speak a word of English and Josh knew no Japanese. Despite the obvious language barrier Josh wasn’t prepared to let this stunning woman get away and he just nodded and smiled as she spoke to him without josh understanding a single word. Before long the Japanese woman was following him back to his hotel room. Once in the room Josh realised that not only was he going to get laid but they were going to have some real kinky fun, as the woman started undressing him and tying him to the bed! Once he was firmly strapped to the bed and unable to wriggle free the woman began to undress. Josh already had a huge hardon, but the feeling of being tied and helpless whilst watching this babe remove her garments had his cock about to explode – even when he saw her huge tranny cock he didn’t lose it! Once realising the SHE was actually a HE Josh began to try to escape but his cries for help were soon muffled by the huge meaty tranny salami which was slid into his mouth. After being aggressively force face fucked Josh was beaten into submission, but moreover, he was enjoying being slave to a horny oriental ladyboy. Josh was fucked for hours, deep into the night and even deeper into his ass. Not only did he enjoy every ass pummelling minute of it, but he longed for it to never end as he finally emptied his balls on her cute Asian face. is your favorite things combined, horny trannies and great toons!

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