More medical role play this week with the sexy, up and coming TS Dom, Kendra Sinclaire who convinces the rookie nurse to let her play doctor. The girls use the medical toys to get in a kinky mood for fucking. The lip spreading tool holds Becky’s pussy open for Kendra’s gloved hand to slip inside. She rubs her g-spot until Becky cums and is ready for her cock. Out from under the panties, comes Kendra’s hard penis and she uses it to probe all the way into Becky’s pussy. The sex is hot, Kendra’s cum shot is nice and thick and both girls have a sexy time exploring each other’s bodies.


Futurecops with Cocks


It’s the distant future and the world has devolved into a tightly controlled police state. The two gorgeous redheads in the tight uniforms are part of the police force and they carry powerful guns to ensure that all citizens respond to their commands. They don’t mess around when it comes to keeping the peace. They’ve boarded the train looking for suspicious behavior and when they find this young blonde man they immediately suspect he has bad intentions. They question him and he won’t answer. He refuses to give them any information so they’re going to whip out their special weapons. Each sexy redhead has a big shemale cock between her legs and they’re not afraid to bring them out when it’s necessary to get a perp talking. They will fuck his face and fuck his ass until he’s screaming for mercy or until they cum, whichever comes first. In this case they bone him spit roast style with one dick nailing his ass and one sawing into his mouth while he sucks hard. They both cum on his face and it’s so pleasurable that they pass out. That’s when he gets away.

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Mona and Tiffany sneak off from a boring fundraising party to a private room where they can turn their flirting into fucking!
Tiffany pulls out her hard, curved cock and buries it balls deep in Mona’s pussy.
They fuck every which way they can all over the room just out of hear shot of the party they are supposed to be attending. When Tiffany cums, she dumps a hot load all over Mona’s tits!
Great chemistry between these two ladies and a ton of hardcore, hot sex.


Staircase Play


Hiya!! Here is a new set of me being a naughty girly on the staircase. I just can’t help myself but get my hard cock out at every chance I can! And besides, staircases are always fun to get naked on, especially when your in hot new lingerie and have the urge to strip… Just gotta be careful with the high heels… living dangerously, hehe. Let’s just hope it’s enough to heat the snowy UK up.

Casper is the kind of man that will stick you with the bill. He is also the same guy that will fuck an escort and forget his wallet. Carmen is fed up with tricks that don’t pay! Now it’s time to teach these guys a lesson. Today Carmen shows Casper how it feels to get fucked in the end.



He went out looking for a pretty girl to bring home and when he arrived at the bar the beautiful babe in the red dress immediately caught his attention. She was amazing looking in her slinky red dress and when she turned around to face him he was left drooling at the sight of her big breasts. He offered to buy her a drink and much to his surprise she accepted. He had never been with such a beautiful woman before and he figured he had to take his shot. That’s why he invited her back to his place for some late night fun. She accepted and once again he was surprised but delighted. Only when she was naked in his bed did he discover her little secret. Between her legs was a long cock that throbbed for his asshole. She was a shemale and not the kind that likes to get fucked. He’d never had a dickgirl pound his rump before but she was too beautiful to kick out. Even if she wanted to beat him he was going to let her. When her dick entered his ass for the first time it was a revelation. It felt so good he nearly came on the spot. He was a shemale cock addict just like that and she made love to him all night long.

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Vaniity a man eater! She fucks like no one else on the planet. No one. She is relentless, passionate, dominate and straight up missile hard as she rams her man.
This hot special feature update is in celebration of Mardi Gras.

Hear the horns, the thumping music, the screams for beads and boobs, the party is peaking and there is no time like the present to fuck in a public bathroom. Dirty, sexy and all over the room, Vaniity nails her man in the ass and mouth until cum flies out of his cock. She delivers and delivers until her own solid cock pops in his mouth.
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Kinky bitch


I just could not resist acting all innocent in the kitchen (teasing of course) dressed up in black fishnet stockings, white patent heels and a skin tight black shiny mini dress, but you know what a kinky girl I am so I get treated to a hard cock and a super hot facial… this girl is needing more.

The Night Janitor

Jimmy was a lonely Janitor who spent his days sleeping and his nights working alone cleaning up in the department store. He never saw many people, working so late at night, and spent most of his time fantasising over the hot looking female manikins. He was fixated on two manikins in particular, both hot blondes with particularly long legs and huge jugs; he called them Debbie and Sammi and would often dress them up in lingerie and touch them up or just stare at them whilst pleasing himself. He never saw any harm in it, well, until one night when he was peeking up Debbie’s skirt, looking at her tight hairless vagina and he noticed her move! Not only that, but when he turned around Sammi was bent over, looking over his shoulder, seemingly sharing his joy for looking at Debbie’s hot looking pussy. Not that things weren’t freaky enough already, but Sammi soon had her panties down and was playing with her own dick, which easily rivalled Jimmy’s in size – it was clear both these manikins were fully animated and as horny as Jimmy, if not more! The girls soon had Jimmy’s cock in their mouths as they kissed and sucked over his twitching blood filled dick. Debbie was eager for Jimmy to eat out her pussy, seeing as he had starred at it so much, and Sammi was equally keen to fuck Jimmy’s ass, and soon the horny trio were caught up in a full on orgy fuckfest, licking, sucking and banging each other like three sex starved nymphos, as the cum and pussy juices flew around the shop window.. is your favorite things combined, horny trannies and great toons!

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