The Undress Rehearsal Part1


I’ve been a fashion runway photographer for 15 years, and I’m still amazed by how they find so many tall stunning models, with long firm legs and amazing tits and arses, these girls just don’t exist in the real world, or at least not in the clubs I go to! I had been asked to get to the show early and help a couple of new girls practice their runway walks in front of the camera. I was a little intimidated at first, being alone in the room with two perfect 10 babes. I realised they’d noticed and were enjoying messing with me as they began to flirt and touch each other at every opportunity. I was getting so horny I couldn’t concentrate and had to put down my camera, and that’s when I saw that not only did these chesty chicks have dicks, but they had pulled them out and were calling me onto the runway as they stroked their large manly tools.. My brief was to keep the girls happy and make sure they kept smiling; this seemed to be my queue to go the extra! They soon had me stripped and on all fours, giving me a furious spit roast. With so much cock pumping in and out of my ass I couldn’t even tell them that everyone would soon be coming in for the show. This turned me on even more, I was constantly on the verge of being about to cum as they took turns fucking me, with one eye on the door, knowing we could get busted and all lose our careers!

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La Cherry Spice is one sexy real estate agent. But when you get caught jacking off in one of her properties you’re in for some punishment. She will show you about her sexy powers of persuasion. La Cherry will tie you up and shove her hard cock deep down you throat an fuck your tight ass until you cum all over yourself.

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The beautiful shemale with the hot body is waiting in her tent. She’s naked, as always, and she is expecting the arrival of a prince with the promise of a large cock. He likes to play a little bit rough and she loves to put up a fight for him. There’s nothing that gets him off more than conquering his shemale lovers and she’s his favorite because she makes him work for it. When he arrives he wastes no time entering her tent and taking her body with his manly penis. Her shemale asshole is his pleasure zone and he wants to fuck her all day long. The beautiful dickgirl likes to return the favor and though he comes off as big and strong and dominant her man likes to take it from behind every now and then. He’ll bend over and let her big cock enter his asshole from behind because it turns him on. The two of them will make a mess of each other, dripping cum all over the place as they attempt to get off together. After boning his beautiful shemale goddess he’ll put her on his horse and the two of them will ride off into the night to make love again the next day.

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Foxy is a new girl with a huge cock and hungry to devour boy pussy. She’s tall, dominant, and hot as hell. In this set she ravages her submissive, teasing him with her cock, letting him suck her deep, long and slow. All the ways she likes it. Once her cock is wet and hard she plants it deep in his ass pulling out only to cum on his willing stomach.

Shemale Lynda Karoynne stroking in a bath tub

Hung shemale babe Lynda Karoynne taking a nice relaxing bubble bath. Once she get’s all soaped up the action really heats up. Watch this beauty tease and show off her hot body covered in soap suds until she is all worked up and her cock throbbing and ready to explode. ?

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The Undress Rehearsal Part2


The show had been a success, the two new girls had been the star of the show and the fashion bosses were amazed at how I’d made the new models feel so relaxed and comfortable on the stage. Little did they know that 60 seconds before they walked in I was on my knees with both their cocks in my mouth, drinking a gallon of hot spunk.. After the show the girls insisted on coming back to my place, they were upset they never saw me cum, and though I’m a straight guy and this was just a one off for me, I hate to see people disappointed by my performance and took them back to my pad.. As I’d been so helpful teaching them a few of the runway rules they decides to repay me by showing me ‘how to fuck a tranny’. They spent a lot of time on my ass eating techniques, I never realised I could stick my tongue out so far! We then moved on to deep throating and then good old anal fucking. What amazed me was how hungry these dirty bitches were, and just how much cock a guy could take in his virgin ass when he’s hot and horny! We must have worked through every position in the book, luckily I had plenty of camera equipment lying around the house, and these girls insisted we film it all. Before I was allowed to shoot my load the girls insisted on lining up on the sofa for me to blow them both off to completion. I figured this was my final exam to see what I’d learned, and judging by their moans and sheer volume of salty sperm that covered my face, I passed with flying colours!

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Blonde on Black Boinking

It’s a sexy shemale twosome when Myrla and Adryella get together and play. One brunette with dark skin and the other blonde with ivory skin, these two really complement each other and look sizzling together. They take their time undressing each other so they can get to those tasty shecocks. Then they make sure they suck each other’s throbbing girl poles until they are super hard and ready to fuck and then they pump each other’s tight assholes until they blow their loads.

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Beach Balls

Patty and I were chilling at the beach, we often spent our mornings under the sun, trying to tan up our hot curvy lady bodies. It’s also a great place to meet fit guys and play some volleyball in our skimpy bikinis. We’d met these two college guys, Josh and Brad, they were from out of town and we invited them over to play some ball with us. All that jumping, bouncing and spiking loosened up Patty’s bikini bra, and one slap shot too many caused her massive melon breasts to break free. The guys were in shock, it was like they’d never seen a pair of large tits before. The truth was we did have something they’d never seen before and Patty and I were both starting to feel horny and ready to show them! I decided to pull of my bra too and we began to tease the boy and led them to a quiet part of the beach. As soon as we were all alone we pounced on the guys, wrestling them to the ground and sticking our tongues down their throats. The guys were turned on and their pants were pitched up like tents by their hole hungry poles. We soon got those guys naked and their hard cocks desperate for action. We slipped down our panties and revealed our man meat expecting them to run away! Every hole’s a goal! And with no one able to see, the guys were happy to try our tiny tanned behinds and fuck us like horny beach dogs. With so much hole filling and cock swapping, it soon turned into a sweaty, sandy orgy, with the guys even offering up their own virgin asses.. We finally all came together, before collapsing on the sand with sticky spunk dripping off our hot sizzling bodies.

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Bound and Switch: Two Girls, One Cock and One Pussy

The first scene of this update starts off with Tiffany and Beretta in the same predicament – both tied up, both able to move but neither able to get free. They can not even free each other. All they can do is grope and kiss. Tiffany reaching for Beretta’s pussy, and Beretta’s lifting Tiffany’s skirt up just enough to reach her thick cock that bulges against her panties. Beretta can kneel in her bondage to give Tiffany a blow job – a wet, all tongue and lips blow job.
The following scenes switch between who is tied and who is free. Each girl dominating, each girl submitting. Tiffany rails Beretta’s pussy and ass while she is tied and spread over a cross beam, pinning her between Tiffany’s cock and the unforgiving wooden beam.

But who tops today is also who bottoms and in a finale fucking scene with Tiffany in rope and Beretta free to ride her cock and do what she pleases, the scene explodes with a nice cum load finish all over Beretta’s tits.


Sly Cooper Caught

In the middle of a hot heist Nice guy Sly Cooper is caught by the super sexy-as-hell Inspector Carmelita. Caught red handed and with no escape Sly is slung into cuffs and at the mercy of rough and ready Carmelita. The sexy officer then pulls down her pants for Sly to see her huge “nightstick” propped up between her thighs. Always aware how to get out of jam, Sly immediately drops to his knees and gives sleuth shemale Carmelita the blowjob of her life. This totally turned Carmelita on, she span Sly around, and whilst still in his restraints, she entered his virgin hole, pounding away with all her might. Sly rode her hard dick in every position imaginable, trying to milk her cock dry and win her over. Being a true versatile bitch Carmelita then bent over and let sly fuck her own tight ass. Even though he was free from his handcuffs, Sly continued to fucked Carmelita’s ass and came all over her butt before lapping up his own cum. Still horny, Carmelita jerked her cock off and came over Sly, just before her escaped into the night.

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